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Cork Padel Supreme Power


A top-of-the-range racquet!  Suitable for professional or advanced level players who seek perfection at every point. Cork Supreme are super competitive! Therefore they are the choice of the national paddle champions Miguel Oliveira and Vasco Pascoal. More bold than ever! Besides the roughness that characterizes them, they have little golden touches on the cork cover, which gives these racquets an imposing and unique look.

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SUMMARY – The weight ranges from 360 to 375g and the profile is 38mm. The frame is made up of carbon, kevlar, and cork. The faces are composed of 6 layers: one of cork, two of innegra, and carbon, plus three of silicone fibers. The core is composed of Black EVA Soft gum laminate for high recovery. Besides the innovation in the number of covers, it also has a rough surface. The asymmetric drilling, of smaller diameter in the core, brings benefits in terms of output and power.

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